Zlatni klas

Unexpectedly Traditional

Imagine a big meadow with horses grazing pasture, behind it a lake with water-lilies and beside it a small fairy house under a tree, an old romantic carriage and traditional wooden houses. While overwhelmed with the idyllic landscape, you can smell the scent of a warm nettle cake and baked strudels. Find out for yourself at the popular Podravina ‘Zlatni klas’ excursion site in Otrovanec that we are not telling you a fairytale here.

Do you know how wheat is ground in a manual grindstone or how wood is hewed and bread baked in an old hearth oven? The hosts will gladly show you all the old crafts and the ethnographic collection and offer you dishes prepared according to their grandmothers’ recipes. Dishes made from nettle, pumpkin or medicinal herbs, white polenta with roasted onions, juicy meat and delicious soups are only a part of the offer. While you are waiting for them to be presented on the Podravina table, take a walk on the spacious estate or plan an afternoon trip to the Drava, the Bilogora vineyards or to the house of Petar Preradović.

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