Unexpectedly Nurtured and i Unexpectedly Preserved

The Virovitica-Podravina region was an inspiration and oasis for relaxation and life for the noblemen there who built castles, manors, churches and summerhouses sparing no expense. They built them sumptuously from both the outside and inside and surrounded them with magnificent parks. Aware of this huge cultural wealth in their area, the hosts nurture it very carefully, renovate it and put it in the function of tourism in order to provide the best for their guests – a vacation worthy of a nobleman.

When tradition speaks, it creates different stories and one of the most beautiful ones is told by the northeast of Croatia, the Virovitica-Podravina region. Its story is warm and cordial, impregnated with various colours, tastes and scents, somewhat playful and extraordinarily attractive. Research it.

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