In motion

Unexpectedly Varied

A fairytalelike landscape of unexpected natural beauty of the Virovitica-Podravina area is an invitation for outdoor activities. You will best experience the freshness of the forest, the murmur of a stream, the sound of a waterfall, bright colours of the flowery meadows and fields if you take a bike ride. At your disposal, there is a series of attractive and dynamic bike routes passing through picturesque landscape, forests and fields, hidden hamlets and villages, along lakes and hunting grounds. Along the way, find out from anglers all about the fish stock of the Drava, the lakes and the swamps and let the hunters tell you their hunters’ stories.

The area is as if created for hiking and trekking, while lovers of swimming may enjoy the so-called ‘Slavonska Riviera’ in the summer, at the Orah excursion site in Orahovica. To swim in the mountain lake is quite an experience and apart from swimming, you can also play sand volleyball, badminton or futsal.

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