Unexpectedly Powerful

Its forest paths, cold and swift-flowing mountain streams and sweet-smelling meadows will thrill you with their different views, scents and experiences in any season. The larger part of the mountain is the Papuk Nature Park area – UNESCO’s Global Geopark, a keeper of many natural wonders, interesting details and legends waiting to be discovered.

Did you know that Papuk is the first Croatian geopark? Let it take you back into the distant past and experience a walk on the seabed of the long-lost Pannonian Sea. It is precisely there that the remnants of a gigantic shark were found (Carharodon megalodon) that lived in the Pannonian Sea some 14-17 million years ago. Visit the place where a gigantic meteor hit the Earth 200 million years ago and continue the walk along the landscapes shaped by glaciers and ancient volcanos.

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