Geo Info Centre

Unexpectedly Interesting

Have you always been interested in time travel? At the Geo Info Centre in Voćin, become at least for a while a passenger through time and dive into the cultural, biological and geological history of Papuk. The interactive and multimedia collection of the centre will take you for an exciting journey where you can feel the scents of the Earth’s geological past, the spatter of the Pannonian Sea and the noise of the animals of the long-lost Pannonian island of Papuk. You will find out who the Papuk glassmakers were, see the daily life in the largest mediaeval fortress in Slavonia – Ružica Town, find out about the endemic life hidden in the forests of today’s Papuk, see the creation and development of life on Earth, discover what happens in the womb of the mother earth when a volcano erupts and what happens during an earthquake, find out about life on the coasts of the Pannonian Sea and see the life of bats.

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