Landscape along the Drava and Križnica

Unexpectedly Impressive

One of the most preserved European rivers, the Drava, flows through five countries creating most beautiful landscapes precisely in the Virovitica-Podravina area. The impressive meanders and its huge curves can be found nowhere else from its source in Italy and all the way up to its mouth in the Danube. White sandy beaches and islands, with all the shades of green that you can imagine, attract adventurers, recreationists, romantics, artists, tourists, anglers, bird watchers and many others. Here the Drava has even preserved the last island of the long-lost Pannonian Sea – Križnica, a seemingly sleeping village, while in fact it is a place of exceptional experience. You can get to this protected landscape and well-known excursion site along the border between Croatia and Hungary by ferry or by a pedestrian suspension bridge, on the river (following the Drava bike route in the area of the former Iron Curtain) or by bike.

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