Count Janković Valley

Unexpectedly Idyllic

Jankovac forest park is a refreshing surprise and according to many the most beautiful mountain valley of the Nature Park and UNESCO’s Global Geopark Papuk. This space of extraordinary beauty was created by forests of centuries old beeches, cold sources and clear streams, caves, mountain lakes, breath-taking waterfalls and sweet-smelling meadows in which numerous vacationers, climbers and cyclists daily find their peace, relaxation and inspiration.

The valley was named after the noble Josip Janković who, enchanted with its beauty, at the beginning of the 19th century built a hunting castle there and moved in permanently. He made over the valley and created two open lakes for the breeding of trout redirecting the watercourse.

Experience also the daybreak on Papuk in the comfortable rooms of the mountain hut there, known for its delicacies with the signature of the forest. Venison stew, hunter beans, warm-cold deer salad, dishes made of mushrooms and forest fruits will thrill the palates of even the most picky gourmets.

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