Papuk Nature Park

UNESCO Global Geopark

Papuk Nature Park – UNESCO Global Geopark spreads over 336 square kilometres, including the areas of Virovitica-Podravina County and Požega-Slavonia County. It’s highest peak, Papuk (953 m), stands out as a special geographical feature. In addition to several streams and lakes in the park area, there are natural thermal springs. The extraordinary diversity of flora and fauna is accompanied by geological diversity. The remains of seven medieval cities and an archaeological site from the early Iron Age (8th to 3rd century BC) are hidden within the park.

Papuk Nature Park also covers three areas of special protection, as follows: Rupnica, a geological monument of nature famous for stepped secretion of volcanic rocks; Jankovac Forest Park, a mountain valley surrounded by a hundred-year-old beech forest with the karst phenomenon of Jankovac Waterfall; and Sekulinačke planine, a special forest vegetation reserve with about 150-year-old beech forests and fir forests with the characteristics of a virgin forest.

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