Ružica Fort

Unexpectedly Mysterious

On the slopes of Papuk and Krndija, a landowner decided to build a fort. However, whatever his servants built during the day, fairies would demolish in the night as they wanted to preserve the beauty of the nature. Not knowing this, he set a trap one night. Discover the rest of the legend on the Ružica Fort while climbing to the monumental mediaeval fort watching over Orahovica. The keeper of the mediaeval heritage today is the ‘Order of the Knights of Ružica Fort’ foundation, whose ‘knights’ participate in numerous jousting tournaments in Croatia and abroad, also participating in the shooting of the globally popular ‘Game of Thrones’ series. Beside the Ružica Fort, there are also the remnants of six other mediaeval forts on Papuk. Try to find them.

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